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We at Holy Family Hospital, use painless delivery techniques to provide mothers respite from excessive pain
Painless delivery in jaipur

The technique of painless delivery is called  Epidural Analgesia or Epidural Anaesthesia. It gives relief from unbearable labor pain during deliveries. Anesthesiologist and OB-GYN at Holy Family Hospital will monitor the blood pressure, check that the epidural is working well and your baby’s heart rate will be checked intermittently or continuously. Like all other treatments, epidural delivery also has pros and cons.
All mothers who are on the verge of motherhood have one common fear. The fear is of acute labor pain during the time of childbirth. The extent of pain varies from one mother to another mother. Some have very less labor pain and the pregnancy is easy and many have long delayed labor pain.
Labor pain is severe for most women who do not receive pain relief. Management of pain is the most crucial thing in the delivery of the baby and painless delivery techniques are providing respite from excessive pain, be it in normal deliveries or cesarean (that need operation).
All women in labor who need pain relief can have an epidural, except those on blood thinning drugs or abnormal blood tests. Epidural is not necessary for you to have delivery, but it can be beneficial in reducing the pain of labor. You only need to be in established labor, but there is no need to wait for a particular dilatation of the cervix. 

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