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For the treatment of high-risk babies – low birth weight babies, premature babies, IUGR babies, multiple pregnancies, abnormal babies with compatible life, the institution has a full-fledged unit of Neonatology.

The hospital has round the clock Pediatrician – Neonatologist services with trained nurses in treating the high-risk babies. The hospital has a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for treating such high-risk babies.

The NICU is a separate isolated unit with adequate space for isolating the babies from each other as well as from their relatives and other patients. All the care has been taken to keep the NICU as clean and away from any source of infection like an operation theatre.

The NICU has a central oxygen supply with four incubators – radiant warmers with all the modern gadgets attached to it. The hospital has the various equipment required in NICU such as phototherapy units, infusion pumps, digital weighing scales, suction apparatus etc. Also there are different monitors like pulse oximeter, apnoea monitor, cardioscope etc.

Sonography facilities with doppler study and echo studies are also available.

The overall success rate and carry home baby rate is substantially high.

Facilities and Equipment available in NICU

  • Radiant warmers.
  • Incubators.
  • Central oxygen supply.
  • Extra oxygen cylinders.
  • Phototherapy units – overhead and undersurface.
  • Syringe infusion pumps.
  • Infusion pumps.
  • Monitors – pulse oximeter, apnoea monitor, cardioscope, NIBP monitor.
  • Glucometer.
  • Endotracheal tube sets.
  • Pediatric laryngoscope.
  • Neonatal Ambu bag with face masks.
  • Suction apparatus.
  • Digital weighing scale.
  • Tracheostomy set.
  • Exchange transfusion set.
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